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We know the transport industry inside out. For years we have been passionate about planning, loading, storage and driving all over Europe to provide our customers with reliable and fast transport. We specialise in international forwarding of goods ranging from 1 kilogram to 1.2 tonnes.
Our team is a combination of a group of young, committed forward agents and experienced drivers. We can guarantee professionalism worked out with millions of kilometres travelled, thousands of carried out orders and hundreds of satisfied clients.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality service and support for our partners. By entrusting us with the transport of their goods, customers can expect that their order will be delivered reliably. It gives a priceless time to focus on the development of the company.


For each order we create an individual plan of transport that takes all the requirements and restrictions into account. We keep our finger on the pulse and monitor each package. By choosing us you can be calm about timely and safe delivery.


We are constantly developing dynamically. We are expanding our fleet, entering new markets, gaining brand new experiences. We deeply care for relations with our existing partners and aim to support more companies and entrepreneurs.



We have an individual approach to every single order. We carefully listen to your needs and flexibly adapt to them, offering the most optimal and affordable solutions.


We carry out orders in Poland and Europe. International routes are our everyday life.


We transport both large loads (up to 1.2 tonnes) and small packages (from 1 kg). We offer not only full truck loads (FTL), but also less than truckload (LTL) transports.


Regardless of what we transport, we always attach great importance to the correct transport of goods. We deliver each package on time unscathed.

Attractive rates

We care about the competitiveness of our offer. We keep our finger on the pulse and plan routes so that we can offer attractive rates to our clients.


Thanks to the continuous monitoring of our cars based on the GPS system, we have constant control over the current location of each shipment.

Express transport

For companies that care about time, we also offer express transport. Our forwarders provide advice when choosing the most optimal delivery option.


We specialise in the transport of goods in Poland and European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy.
Our team is characterised by knowledge of transport regulations set by the European Union, as well as by individual states.

Facts & figures

The numbers do not lie – we work dynamically and effectively!


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km reach our longest routes


Reliable vehicles are the basis of our work, which is why we care about the high quality of our fleet. Our cars meet European requirements both in technical and ecological terms – they do not exceed the exhaust emission allowed in the Euro 5 standard. The equipment we work on must be operational, so we do not exceed 5 years of service and use only verified brands.


Hundreds of clients entrusted us with the transport of their goods. Over the years, we have gained the trust of companies working in many fields – mainly we serve automotive, electrotechnical, pharmaceutical, beauty and FMCG (fast-moving customer goods) industries.


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Krakow, Lesser Poland